iPhone 6s Plus cases are an absolute essential for every iPhone 6s Plus owner. You’ve invested your money in an expensive piece of top level technology, and your investment deserves to be protected. iPhones can be quite fragile, and a simple drop could lead to you having to replace your whole device. If you’re lucky, you might have just gotten away with a cracked screen. But even that’s a hassle to replace, right? You’ll have to pay out, and be unable to use your phone while it’s being repaired. None of that is convenient or desirable, especially when situations like that can be avoided. That’s why we offer a huge range of protective iPhone 6s Plus cases to keep your iPhone safe through daily life and all your adventures.

These days, it doesn’t make sense not to buy a phone case. Before phones were so advanced, people didn’t bother with phone cases all that much. That was for two reasons. For one thing, the phones weren’t as delicate. The bricks we used to use were tough, and a few drops generally didn’t have any effect on the plastic screen and body. But in the days of sensitive, delicate, responsive touch screens, that’s all changed. The second reason was that replacing a phone wasn’t at all expensive. The phones of old didn’t have that many features - pretty much all you could do was talk, text, and play very simple games like Snake or Tetris. That kind of functionality didn’t command such a high price tag. But the amazing all-functional devices we have today are expensive, and justifiably so. To carry around so much functionality and convenience in your pocket is incredible. Things have changed so much over the years when it comes to phones, and the phone case market has totally exploded. If you’ve not already joined the millions of people protecting their investment with iPhone 6s Plus cases, it’s time you did. You could end up saving yourself a bundle.

To keep your iPhone 6s Plus safe from drops, all our iPhone 6s Plus cases include drop proofing and shock proofing features. Which features are included vary between the iPhone 6s Plus cases, but they might include screen guards, raised bevels, frames, bumpers and absorbent layers. If you’re looking for a very high level of drop protection, we advise that you look out for the iPhone 6s Plus cases with thick bumpers. A bumper is perhaps one of the best protective features to keep your iPhone 6s Plus safe from the damage drops can cause, and the thicker the better. Did you know that the corners of your device are the most vulnerable part? That’s one of the reasons bumpers are so effective. They wrap around the corners of your phone, as well as all the edges. When a drop happens and your phone goes hurtling toward the floor, the impact is taken by the bumper, instead of your 6s Plus. This keeps damage away from the corners, and prevents the screen from cracking.

As you browse through our stock, you can also find iPhone 6s Plus cases that will make your phone waterproof, dust proof, dirt proof, sand proof, snow proof and ice proof. It’s easy to find the level of protection you need, and now your iPhone 6s Plus can be kept safe from all the elements.

Waterproofing is crucial if you plan to take your phone to the pool or the beach or the waterpark. Some people think that because the iPhone 6s Plus is water resistant, it can handle just about any amount of water, but that’s simply not the case. Water resistance wasn’t meant to substitute waterproof cases, but to prevent damage from accidental spills and heavy rain. If you want to try dunking your iPhone 6s Plus under the water without a waterproof case, you can go ahead and try. But we certainly wouldn’t recommend it, and neither would Apple - their warranty for iPhone will not pay out for water damage.

When you get waterproofing in iPhone 6s Plus cases, ice proofing, snow proofing and mud proofing naturally follow along. Waterproof cases are designed to be totally water-tight, meaning that not even the tiniest drop of water can pass through from outside the case into your phone. As you can imagine, having this level of blocking power makes it easy to block everything else out, too. Ice and snow will melt into water on contact with the heat of your iPhone. Without a waterproof case, this could mean big trouble for your 6s Plus. But with one? No big deal. The same is true for mudproofing - any of our waterproof iPhone 6s Plus cases can handle mud with ease.

That’s not to say, though, that all non-waterproof iPhone 6s Plus cases are totally incapable of blocking out dirt and dust. Some of our drop proof cases have the ability to do this, too. But we wouldn’t be comfortable dropping them in gooey, sticky mud and expecting them to still work. So if you’re heading to a mud bath or an assault course, one our waterproof iPhone 6s Plus cases is probably the best option for you.

We stock iPhone 6s Plus cases with a variety of looks and styles, so you’re sure to find one that matches your personal preferences. Some of our iPhone 6s Plus cases also have transparent back covers, so you can show off the Apple good looks your phone has been blessed with. Our cases start from under $20, they won’t break your bank either, though we do also stock more expensive, high-tier cases with excellent quality materials and craftsmanship. So get browsing our iPhone 6s Plus cases now and find the one that gives you the level of protection you need.