If you’re an iPhone 6s owner, iPhone 6s cases are an absolute essential. After all, the iPhone 6s is one of the most prestigious, expensive phones out there, and you need something to protect it. The iPhone 6s cases we stock here will keep your iPhone 6s safe and protected from accidents, adventures and all-around action. We firmly believe that wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing, you should be able to take your phone along with you. When you’re out living life to the fullest, you want to bring your iPhone 6s with you, to take pictures, to shoot videos, or to call your friends. Even to catch up with the office while you’re gone. In the past, you might have been reluctant to take your iPhone 6s case with you, in case it got damaged. But we offer a wide range of iPhone 6s cases to keep your iPhone fully protected and functional, no matter what happens.

In terms of protection, all of our iPhone 6s cases offer drop proofing and shock proofing. This means that if you drop your phone, the case will take the hit, not your iPhone 6s. Some of our iPhone 6s cases have heavy duty drop proof features, like aluminum alloy bumpers and tempered glass screen protectors. These are some of the most powerful drop proofing features available on iPhone 6s cases right now, to keep your phone safe and fully functional, even if you drop it on a hard surface. Also keep your eye out for absorbent TPU layers, raised bevels and metal frames, as these all go a long way to keeping your 6s safe. Absorbent TPU layers are very popular in iPhone 6s cases because they disperse the shock of a drop throughout the case. This means that the harmful vibrations that course through your case when it hits the ground won’t get into your phone and harm it. As many of us know from bitter experience, it sometimes only takes one single drop to end your iPhone’s life. Raised bevels and screen protectors are in place to keep your screen intact. The most common type of drop-induced damage reported is a cracked screen. If your device falls face down, your screen takes a direct hit. A drop on the corner of your phone will also have the same effect. But a raised bevel makes sure that the impact is absorbed by the phone case instead of the phone, while a screen guard offers an additional level of protection.  

Of course, drop proofing is one of the most important things when it comes to iPhone 6s cases. But it’s not the only type of protection our iPhone 6s cases can offer. If you’re looking to seriously toughen up your iPhone 6s so it can handle just about anything nature can throw at it, we have some good options for you.

For example, if you need your 6s to be fully waterproof, you can get waterproof iPhone 6s cases right here with us. Apple doesn’t cover water damage to your phone in their warranty, so it’s best you get an extra level of protection. The iPhone 6s is said to be water resistant, but we wouldn’t rely on that. It might handle a few splashes, or a conversation in the rain, but we don’t think it’s up to a dunking or an underwater photo session. We’re taking Apple’s word for it - their lack of warranty when it comes to water damage illustrates that they’re not 100% confident the iPhone 6s is waterproof. This means it can only be the wise thing to do to look for waterproof iPhone 6s cases if you plan to take your cases underwater.

You can also find mud proof, snow proof, ice proof and dust proof iPhone 6s cases in stock here. Just check the description on a phone case of your choice to find out what protections it offers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, this is a good rule of thumb - waterproof iPhone 6s cases always offer the highest levels of protection. This is because they are designed to be totally air-tight, so that water cannot get in. With all the ports, jacks and other gaps in the phone covered, there is no chance that water could get in, let alone ice, snow, dust or mud. If you’re a serious adventurer or you work in a harsh, hazard-filled environment, we’d advise you to get a waterproof case, even if you’re not planning on using your iPhone 6s underwater. At least you’ll have the peace of mind that waterproof iPhone 6s cases bring, with their excellent levels of protection.

If you’re a style-conscious person, you’re in luck, too. Just because our iPhone 6s cases are super protective, that doesn’t mean they have to be ugly brick-style cases. We have a huge range of styles and colors for you to pick from. If you prefer clear cases, plenty of our iPhone 6s cases have transparent back covers. Or if you like bright colors best, you certainly won’t be disappointed with what we have available.

Now you know more about the protections we offer, you can easily browse our iPhone 6s cases and find the one that’s right for you. We stock iPhone 6s cases to suit all price ranges, so that everyone can keep their iPhone 6s safe, no matter their budget. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive quick fix, or a top of the range phone case with all the protections going, you’ll find something among our iPhone 6s cases to suit you.